Cloud Academy Receives Fall 2022 G2 Awards

Cloud Academy G2 Fall 2022 Awards

Here at Cloud Academy, we’re excited to share that for Fall 2022 we were honored by G2 four categories:

  • Online Course Providers
  • Corporate Learning Management Systems
  • eLearning Content
  • Technical Skills Development

At Cloud Academy, it’s our mission to give both enterprises and individuals the latest content and learning solutions, helping them ace any certification, no matter how new or challenging it might be. Our platform allows deep insights into users’ trends and how to predict success, allowing managers to confidently plan roadmaps.

Cloud Academy G2 Fall 2022 Reports

Some of the highlights we’ve received, as voted on by you:

  1. 30 badges across four categories, including badges for Leader, Best Relationship and Easiest Admin
  2. We earned 95% Quality of Support, 98% Ease of Setup, and 97% Ease of Doing Business with

The honors help demonstrate the commitment we have to you, our users.

Thank you for the support you’ve shown us on G2. We continue to push forward and improve each day to help you achieve your technical and team-building goals.

Cloud Academy