Unlock Career Progression for Your Teams with Job Roles

Unlock Career Progression for Your Teams with Job Roles

We all know that highly engaged and motivated employees produce their best work, right? But how do you keep employees engaged and interested in their work?

That’s a real challenge in today’s job market, as it’s not uncommon for employees to job hop in order to increase pay and progress in their careers – especially in the world of tech. 

At Cloud Academy, we don’t just produce top-quality tech training content, we’re solving the need for an all-in-one skill-building and talent management platform.

This means we’re committed to providing you with the tools and resources to help you hire, develop, and retain top technical talent on your team. 

We’ve built hundreds of training plans, which are a curated set of courses, hands-on labs, and exams related to the same skill set. You can assign a due date, set weekly training minimums, and get custom reminders to help hold you accountable and see training through to the finish line. 

Now, training team members for specific job roles like Cloud Architect and Software Engineer is easier than ever. We’ve built curated training plans to help your team gain the skills they need to prepare for a new job role, and now admins and team managers can assign that training in just a few clicks from our updated management dashboard.

These dedicated Training Plans can be assigned to individual team members or entire teams for the following roles:

Job Roles screen in the Cloud Academy platform

Even better, you can assign the training based on that employee or team’s specific experience level! And we’ll continue to add more and more job roles to choose from over time. 

The Job Roles screen on your management dashboard guides you through choosing the right job role and the appropriate difficulty level. Then simply assign the training to an entire team or a team member, set the due date, and your people will be on the path to a new job role in your organization. 

By assigning role-specific training to help your teams level up in their career, you can help employees be engaged, motivated, and ready for career progression. 

Whether you use the Job Roles training for lateral career moves, promotions, or simply to hone a specific and practical skill set, we encourage you to bake these into your career development plans and OKRs so you enable your team to become masters of their craft. You can read more about them in the Help Center article here.

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