Cloud Skills and Real Guidance for Your Organization: Our Special Campaign Begins!

At Cloud Academy we like to move fast — like really fast! 

To a certain extent, we had to adapt to that mindset in our early days, back when we decided to build a platform to help our customers understand cloud and tech skills at scale. In 2014, while attending my first AWS re:Invent, it became very clear to me how keeping your cloud computing skills up-to-date would be a challenge for all of us.

What changed since we created Cloud Academy? 

Cloud accelerated and took over the IT world. 

I used to spend a lot of time looking at LinkedIn profiles to hire our team, and it’s shocking how many people today talk about skills related to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and DevOps (and all its forms and tools) in their resume. It’s everywhere and it keeps getting better. 

When I was a teenager, web hosting and deploying my own software and website was a real struggle. Today you deploy to the cloud from day one!

And now I look at how many companies today are creating software in-house — hiring and developing great IT teams, and again, the majority of them deploying their digital products to the cloud. 

Cloud Academy grew with this trend during these years. We had to build more software and content and we decided to keep differentiating ourselves from all the other well-known competitors out there. We’ve been working hard on making our Hands-on Labs unique (try our Challenges — they’re fun!). Speaking of tough goals, our customers raised the stakes by challenging us to really empower users to complete their entire learning path online — which led to our creation of Training Plans. And finally, our content team has been doubling production year-over-year. 

It’s been an incredible journey and still, we would love to get closer to our customers out there. We have students, professionals, small teams, and large corporations using Cloud Academy today: they all want to improve themselves and use Cloud better. 

Most importantly, they all want an easy way to do that. 

It’s Time to Cloud:

Empowering more companies and people worldwide with cloud skills and professional guidance from our team.

In the past months at Cloud Academy, we have been obsessed with the idea of making our product simpler and friendlier. There is still so much to do, but we feel like we achieved a lot today.

It’s Time to Cloud is a special campaign we are running with the single goal of letting more and more customers around the world start to use Cloud Academy. Our customers are large Fortune 1000 organizations and professionals working on their careers. That’s why we created something that works for all our audiences and allows more and more people to get access to cloud skills, with practical tools and a library that can really help them. 

There’s more: In the last eight years working with customers of all sizes, we’ve learned the vital lesson that companies need guidance and expertise; they don’t get everything solved by simply providing access to our training plans. 

This is why we are offering ALL our new customers access to our Customer Success and Content teams to work on a personal set of paths and programs to boost your tech and cloud skills inside your organization

Here is what we concretely do to help your company succeed with Cloud Academy…

This is not some marketing slogan we just throw at you. Let me give some real examples of what we do for our customers:

  • AWS/Azure/Google Certifications guided program: We work with you and your organization on your certification goals and set up live sessions and dedicated office hours to get your team there, together. 
  • Build a program that matches your business goals: We will ask you tons of questions on what your business needs when it comes down to cloud skills, and how you think those skills can help you. Then we will present you a program that truly aligns with your business goals. We win if you win.
  • Customization and perfect tracking of results: Our Content Engine allows you to shape Cloud Academy and our library to what you need for your team. Our Customer Success team works with you to get results from your first day of onboarding with Cloud Academy. And after that, our team will work with you to track results and correct things along the way. It’s not just Customer Success — you will meet our Content experts and our Product experts, and we will help you until we see success. 

If you are buying Cloud Academy, simply ask your Customer Success Manager or your Sales Account Manager for all this — they’ll be happy to start working with you.

Our special offer in detail

New customers can get 20% off — FOREVER. You will lock in these savings for as long as you’re with us.

For Personal plan users: 

You have the choice to pay either 

  • $39/month or 
  • $349/year

For Enterprise plan users:

Licenses start at 

  • $499/year 

Self-serve enterprise customers are also able to pay 

  • $49/month

With our Training Plans, you can prepare for AWS, Azure, Google, Kubernetes certifications, and more. You can jump into Python and Data Science. You can become a cybersecurity expert.

Join us and lock in these rates for life

If you have any questions, just contact us at or through our channels.

Stefano Bellasio
Cloud Academy Inc. 

Cloud Academy