Clickbank University 2.0 Review – It Is Worthing

Before I get to my Clickbank University 2.0 Review…

There’s something I absolutely HATE about Affiliate Marketing These Days:

The # of FAKE REVIEWS by people that have absolutely NOT tried the product they’re “reviewing”.

You Either Get:

  • The “” Type of websites that all say the same thing: this Product is Amazing, buy it now for 80% off and get my $50,000 Bonus (for this $37 product).
  • OR
  • The Fake “Scam Warning” websites that call EVERYTHING a scam, no matter how good it is, and push their “#1 Recommended Product” on you. They insist on cramming it down your throat as the BEST way to make money online EVER, yet most of them have never made more than a few ​dollars online.
Don't Drink the Fake Affiliate Marketers KoolAid

LOL I wish I was kidding, but I know you’ve seen them too 🙂

Fake Scam Warning Website Review

This person goes on to simply bash the product (in this case, ​Clickbank University), based on what they read on their sales page.

It’s quite clear they’ve never used ​Clickbank University by the incorrect information, as well as the lack of proof in their “review”.

They give it 2 stars, then recommend “Product X” (which the training in “Product X” taught them to do) as their #1 recommended product.

Fake Reviews and Bonuses

(Rather hard to review a product you’ve never tried, in this case – it’s not helping them at all).

This guy…LOL wow, well he’s offering a fake 80% discount, AND a $50,000 Value Bonus for people that purchase this $47 product through his link.

(Can I just get a new BMW from him instead?)

Seems a bit..dishonest, doesn’t it?

Yeah, I thought so too – but it’s fairly common, unfortunately. 

Neither of these groups has even TRIED the products they’re giving fake reviews for (for the most part), they’re just launch jacking (and very dishonestly) trying to take advantage of people searching for more info on said product.

So how am I different than other Affiliate Marketers?

Well, for one – I really am a full time marketer, not just a newbie or scammer trying to steal your hard earned money!

My name is Ghita Dorinel, I live in London United Kingdom, and I’m a full-time affiliate marketer.

I’ve been doing this now since 2007 or so, and for those that don’t know me, I N-E-V-E-R review a course unless I get it, go through it, and make sure it delivers what it promises!

So – let’s get to the reason you’re here!

What IS Clickbank University 2.0 all about?

I Got it, so I can show ya!

Clickbank University Review

In a Nutshell: Clickbank University 2.0 is created to help customers find more success with the clickbank platform as both an affiliate and as a vendor.

Obviously, this is the 2nd version of Clickbank University (hence the 2.0, very clever, I know), but it’s actually really better done than the first version.  The 1.0 version only focused on creating your own product, while 2.0 has so much more, which I’ll get into below.

If you HAVEN’T done so yet, I highly encourage you to  check out the official website  so you can really get a feel for what it’s all about: Click Here for their Official Website

The Main (Front End) Product (Make Money on Clickbank as a Vendor AND/OR Affiliate)

Clickbank University 2.0 is essentially broken down into two different programs:

  1. Make Money with your Own Product, as a Vendor.
  2. Make Money as an Affiliate, Promoting other people’s products.
  3. There is also a 3rd main section on traffic generation, which is surprisingly awesome!

Program #1 (For Vendors) is about teaching YOU how to create your own product and get it listed on the clickbank marketplace.  I LIKE this approach as it’s a much different angle then all of the other “make money online” type of products out there.

There is definitely potential to make a LOT of money here if you’re able to create a solid product in a proven niche.  It does take a bit more work, and you’ll definitely want to get some big affiliates in your niche to promote your product.

​Here’s the thing, NOBODY is going to want to promote your product if they don’t know who you are, so it’s important to get on their radar.  

You can do this a few ways:

  1. ​Promote and sell a lot of THEIR product, so they know your name!
  2. ​Email them and ask if they’ll promote it.  You’ll be surprised!  It does help if they know who you are first, but this is easy enough to do.  Follow them online, Re-Tweet their stuff, comment on their FB and Twitter posts and add VALUE.  Once you’ve done this for a week or two and they know you a bit, it’s much easier to get them to promote for you! 🙂

Program #2 (For Affiliates) is exactly the opposite, and teaches you how to generate income online promoting products belonging to other vendors.  They DO go hand-in-hand, however, so I highly suggest both creating your own product as well as promoting other vendors!

On the other hand, you may not WANT to create your own product, and that’s totally fine! Personally, I just prefer the affiliate model myself, as I just want to do things myself.

That’s the beauty of this training though, you can do 1, or the other, or BOTH – and make a killing either way!

My #1 Tip, no matter WHAT you do online, CBU or otherwise: Stick with it, don’t just jump around from one method to another if you don’t find success right away.  It took me a good YEAR to get my first Affiliate sale, but I also wasn’t following any particular training, and was just jumping around from method to method….so I do have a bit of experience there and know what i’m talking about. :-)​

Fun Fact: When I first started online back in 2007’ish, I tried to make money on EBay, Amazon, MySpace, Friendster, blogging, YouTube, and pretty much every other thing you can think of!

Here’s a screenshot of my eBay account, note the highlighted items: 

​Member since 2002, and some SELLER Feedback from my account in 2010.  🙂

My Ebay Profile from YEARS ago

My Ebay Profile from YEARS ago, I wasn’t kidding 🙂

Clickbank University 2.0 Has a few Main Sections

Let’s Check em out!

Section 1: Vendors

Clickbank University Product Creation

I’ll be honest with you, this portion of the training may be a bit intimidating and may not be for everybody.  That is also okay, and there is 100% Nothing wrong with that.  I’m an Affiliate Marketer 100% of the time, I’ve only ever launched 1 product, with a partner, for a private promotion.

Personally, I’d rather just focus on being an affiliate, instead of creating my own product, finding JV’s to work with, hiring a graphics guy, copywriter, etc.

On the other hand, I know MANY people that absolutely LOVE this and go crazy for this type of stuff.  It’s an INSANELY powerful way to make money and build an email list quickly.  Then, once you have the email list of your customers, you can market other relevant products to them as an affiliate for even more commissions!

My point is, if product creation is not your thing, there is nothing wrong with that, don’t let this portion of C​BU hold you back from learning.

The Vendors Section in C​BU is broken down into 12 weeks worth of lessons, taking you from A-Z in creating and launching your own successful product on Clickbank.

The ​Vendors session is broken down like this:

  • Week 1 – How It Works
    • Here you’ll learn the overall goal of our 12 week plan to success.
  • Week 2 – Finding Your Perfect Product
    • Blend your passion and experience with what’s profitable on ClickBank
      and will you get the exact insight needed to find your perfect product.
  • Week 3 – Creating Your Avatar
    • Your avatar is your customer, and in order to give your customer
      exactly what he or she needs, you have to understand their mind-set.
      It’s time to set into your customer’s shoes!
    • What are their interests? What are the demographics? But most
      importantly, what is their problem and how is your product going to
      solve it? If you know their problem, then you can create a product that
      solves the problem.
  • Week 4 – Creating Your Product
    • Know exactly how to format your product, for instance, as videos or an
      e-book. Know the proven blueprint that successes products on
      ClickBank use. They even teach you how to outsource your product
      creation so you don’t even have to write it!
  • Week 5 – Creating your Perfect Upsell
    • Maximize the value of each and every customer by offering upsells.
      These upsells add more value to your customers by further helping the
      customer solve their problem.
    • This is very important for attracting affiliates. The more money they can
      make per sales, the more they will love promoting your product!
  • Week 6 – Sales Copy & Conversion Maximizing
    • Learn the secrets of successful sales copy from our very own expert
    • Remember, you might have the greatest product in the world, but if you
      don’t have a great sales pitch then you won’t be successful.
  • Week 7 – The Easy Video Sales Letter
    • Learn the secrets of creating a high value and effective video sales
      letters used by the experts. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on video
  • Week 8 – Finalizing your Product
    • Let’s put the finishing touches on your product. Correcting any errors
      and making sure all of the elements of your product are sound.
  • Week 9 – Getting onto ClickBank
    • Learn how to get your Product onto the ClickBank Marketplace! They
      walk you through step by step.
  • Week 10 – Attracting & Managing JV Relationships
    • Attracting affiliates is one of the easiest way you can become
      successful on ClickBank, but you’ve got to know what they want first.
      Learn how get them to believe in your product!
  • Week 11 – Split Testing
    • Learn how simply testing different language, ads, and funnels can
      dramatically increase conversions.
  • Week 12 – Scaling your Success
    • Learn how to build upon initial sales and success by generating more
      and more traffic to create massive success.
  • Bonus: Selling High Ticket Products on Webinars ($1k Plus per sale)

To sum this up:

In Section 1 of ​Clickbank University, You’re learning how to build your own product (brand, and business) and launch it on

That’s it, and it’s amazing!

The training is very thorough, and their online members area is pretty easy to follow along and navigate.

Section 2: Affiliates

Clickbank University Homepage

This is what I do 100% of the time.  As I mentioned above, I am NOT a product vendor.  I’m just an affiliate and that’s what I prefer to do.  I’ve made 5-6 figures per month now for quite some time only as an affiliate for other people’s products. 

Perhaps i’ll get into the vendor game someday, but for now…I’m just enjoying being a kick-ass affiliate. 🙂

The affiliate portion actually goes hand-in-hand with the Vendor portion.  Once you create you’re own product, why not market other related products to your existing customers?

Now, with that being said…Even if you’re NOT going to become a vendor, this training is AMAZING.

The Affiliate portion is 8 weeks (2 months!), and broken down like this:

  • Week 1 – Affiliate Marking on ClickBank
    • Affiliate Profit Plan
    • Setting Up for Success
    • Goal Setting
  • Week 2 – Understanding Affiliate Marketing
    • Affiliate Basics
    • Navigating Through the ClickBank Marketplace
    • Secrets of the Top ClickBank Products
  • Week 3 – Finding Your Passion
    • Discovering Your Passion
    • Researching in Your Niche
    • Picking the Perfect Product
  • Week 4 – The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel
    • The Truth About Traffic
    • Affiliate Funnel 101
    • Building Squeeze Pages
  • Week 5 – Free, Free, Free: Always Over Deliver
    • Building a Relationship with Your List
    • Different Ways to Deliver Free Content
    • Outsourcing Your Content
  • Week 6 – Writing the Perfect Swipe
    • Getting Them to Open the Email
    • Making Sure They Click
    • Offering Bonuses
  • Week 7 – The Email Blueprint
    • Using Broadcasts
    • Automating Your Emails
    • The Prefect Balance
  • Week 8 – Scaling and Expanding
    • Toolkit Traffic Area
    • Opening the Flood Gates
    • Creating a Product
  • Bonus: Running Affiliate Promotions

There are plenty of downloads available throughout the coarse, things such as outlines of the course as a whole, and specific outlines for each of the individual training videos.

Once again, each of these is meant to go through one week at a time, but you’re more than welcome to skip ahead once you complete the first 3 weeks.

Take your time when going through the training, don’t try to rush though and watch everything at once.  Do it one week at a time, and then watch and re-watch the training. After you do THAT, then try putting it into practice.  

The Videos in this are actually fairly short, between 5 and 15 minutes for the most part, and each week has multiple videos.

This makes it very easy to follow along, and I did NOT feel overwhelmed at all during my time spent in the training.

Section 3: Traffic

Clickbank University Traffic Training

You need to understand, you can have the NICEST looking website or funnel in the world, but if you’re not reaching your target audience, it’s pointless.

Having said that, the traffic portion goes into a few different types of traffic you really should understand.

  1. Facebook Advertising (3 Parts)
  2. Instagram Shout outs & Influencers (3 Parts)

Simple, but easy enough to learn and one of the best ways to get SUPER targeted traffic.

If you want to target 35-41 year old single moms living in Orange County California earning over $100,000 per year, you can do that with Facebook advertising.

The fact that you can get so specific to target your audience is amazing, and the Clickbank University 2.0 Training gets it right.

The Instagram training is equally awesome too, and is a GREAT way to make quick money if you don’t mind spending a little up front first.

Super Quick Badass Tip!

Use Instagram Influencers to make the first load of money then re-target all people that visited that page on Facebook to make even more money, then find similar product and do email marketing

This is actually pretty easy!

​Step 1: Pay an IG Influencer to “Shout Out” your product, meaning talk about it,review it, link to it – whatever.  

​Don’t worry about paying Kim Kardashian, an IG User with 5k or 10k LOYAL followers can have a much bigger impact than major celebrities.  They’re more relevant, more cost-effective, and USUALLY have better trust.  You can pay somebody as little as $100 and see a great ROI if you do this right.  

​Step 2: (Make sure you have re-targeting pixels inplace first) Re-Target Ads to those people on Facebook reminding them to check out your offer, or thanking them for it.

​Step 3: Sell SIMILAR products to those same people!

​I know it sounds scary, but this stuff is covered, and it’s quite easy once you do it once or twice and see how easy it can be! 🙂

Try to find a product that assists or fixes a problem. In testing, those are ALWAYS the top earners, and I promise – the Clickbank Online Marketplace has a ton of those too!

Focus is important here, so keep that in mind!

But Wait, There’s More!

Clickbank University Extras

On TOP of the excellent training that’s included, you also get access to the Forum, and LIVE Q&A Sessions.

CBU Chat Forum

The forum is a place where new members, old members, coaches and creators alike can all get together to discuss what’s working, and what’s not.

More on this coming soon!

CBU Live Q&A

The live Q&A Sessions are also an AMAZING resource you should be taking advantage of.

If for some reason you’re not able to attend the live sessions, due to a different time zone or whatever – great news – you’re able to watch the recordings still, and you can always post your questions and get help in the Clickbank University Online Members Area Forum.

Some of the previous topics covered (which recordings are now available) are:

  • Deciding on a Niche, Creating Content, Sending Broadcasts
  • Influencer Marketing
  • The CB Marketplace
  • Building an (email) List Without a Giveaway
  • Squeeze Pages, Instagram, and Keywords
  • Autoresponders, Content, Promotions
  • FB Ads and Marketplace Stats
  • Opt-In Pages, Promotions
  • Researching Your Market, CB University TV, Opt-In Pages
  • Instagram, CB Marketplace, Affiliate Promos
  • Pen Names, Potty Training, Apocalypse Products
  • Instagram Ads, List Value, ClickBank Builder
  • How to Pick a Product to Promote & Researching It
  • Driving Traffic via Social Media
  • Q&A Session, GDPR, and Scaling Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing on Instagram and Opt In Pages
  • Niches vs. Product Angles
  • Affiliate Promotions via Instagram
  • Refunds, click thru rates, cold vs warm traffic
  • Choosing a Product, Running Traffic
  • WebinarX Funnels, Networking Events, Competition
  • Staying Focused, Funnels, Essentialism
  • Market Research, New Updates, Optin Page Feedback
  • Analytics Tracking, Influencer Marketing, Focus
  • AND, many many more.  (Much more than the 17 I think I saw listed on their sales page)

And this is all BONUS training on top of the main training itself!

The Live Training Sessions are some of my favorite! Even if you can’t make it live, they’re recorded and put in the members area for you to watch over and over again.  Make sure you watch them all the way through, as you might miss some valuable tips from the Q&A.

Is it TOO much? Does ​Clickbank University get overwhelming?

You might be thinking right now, “Great googily moogily! This is a lot to go through!” Well, they don’t call it “University” for nothing! LOL

Dumb jokes aside, yes it is a lot – but remember this truly IS an online education with the POTENTIAL for you to earn far more than many Doctors, Lawyers, etc.

Clickbank University is Cheaper Than College

Please also remember, you don’t have to do and master EVERYTHING here! I know many people that JUST focus on Instagram Marketing, or Facebook Ads, or Search Engine Optimization and they do just fine.  The information is here for you to digest, so don’t get overwhelmed by it! 🙂

Section 4: Toolkit

Before I forget to mention it, there’s also a “tools” section with online tools and training to do things for those who are a bit less computer savy! 🙂

​This is where you’ll find all of our go-to tools on design, optimization, outsourcing, etc, and is broken down like this.

  • Introduction to Tools
  • Setting Up a Custom Domain with GoDaddy
  • Creating a Sales Presentation with PowerPoint
  • Video Editing with Camtasia
  • Recording Your Sales Video with Camtasia
  • Camtasia Alternative: APowersoft for Screen Recording
  • Design Banners, Posts, & Giveaways with Canva
  • Setting Up Your Funnel with CB Builder
  • Split Testing with Visual Website Optimizer
  • Increasing Conversions with Optimonk
  • Enhance Your Social Media Activity with Hootsuite
  • Outsourcing with UpWork
  • Sending Broadcasts and Automating with AWeber
  • Demographic Research with Google & Twitter

I know this sounds overwhelming, but I promise – it’s not once you start watching the videos and applying what you learn!

Join Clickbank University

My Review & Final Verdict

I have to say, I’m impressed. I was NOT a fan of ​Clickbank University 1.0, so having said that – Clickbank University 2.0 is a HUGE Improvement over Clickbank University 1.0 (which just focused on product creation).  The training in this updated version goes into both product creation, and just plain ol affiliate marketing, and I like it!

They teach you REAL methods to make money online, not just how to create fake reviews of their competitors (like another program teaches).

My Advice, pick this up now, put TIME into not only studying the training, but putting it into action as well.

You WON’T get rich overnight, but if you stick with it you should see results.  🙂

I know, I know…

It’s Scary

It’s New

What if you fail?

What if you’re too stressed out?

ENOUGH with the excuses! LOL – Now is YOUR time to take action 🙂

There is no time limit on this, you can go through it as quickly as you like, or take as long as you like.  The important thing is to make sure you not only understand what you learn, but spend time putting it into action as well.

I’ve been there before, EVERY succesfull marketer or person has FAILED more times than they can count.  And you know what, they would not change that for the world.    The training in Clickbank University is easy to follow, and it’s broken down in small easy to digest chunks so you’re not stuck watching a 90 minute video all at once.

If you’re not sure if this is for you or not, Let me ask you something…

Would you rather work your ass off for somebody else for peanuts, or potentially make 10x or even 20x MORE and be your own boss?

As for me, that’s easy –  I now make more in 1 month (usually) than my last BOSS did in an entire year, and he did pretty well for himself!

So relax, take a deep breath, and say with me “I Got this!” 🙂

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