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Get Teams Certified. Close Skill Gaps.

Prepare your team (and yourself!) for technical certifications in 65+ topics including AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, M365, Security, and more. Pass vendor exams with confidence with configurable certification learning paths that include Cloud Academy’s engaging video and lab content, as well as practice exams based on the real tests. Plus, you’ll build your team’s skill profile so you know who’s ready to take the exam today – and who needs a little more practice.

Now with virtual instructor-led training (VILT) for certification prep and more!

Get Teams Certified. Close Skill Gaps.

Role-Specific Certification Paths

Configure certification paths for your unique needs

Configure certification paths for your unique needs

Our learner-centric platform makes it easy to adjust our out-of-the-box Cloud, DevOps, Security, and other specialty certification paths for your needs.

Keep up with expiring and retiring certifications

Keep up with expiring and retiring certifications

Our in-house team of Subject Matter Experts spend up to 25% of their time keeping learning up-to-date, so your team is always prepared with updated courses, labs, and mock exams.

See who's ready for certification and who isn't

See who’s ready for certification and who isn’t

Cloud Academy’s powerful platform analytics will help you track your team’s course completion and skills growth over time so you know which courses are right for them.

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James Farley

VP of Enterprise Solutions at Octo, an IBM Company

With Cloud Academy, not only do our employees become more valuable to themselves and the company, but they become more valuable to their clients. This differentiates us.”

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which cloud and tech certification prep courses are available on Cloud Academy?

Cloud Academy offers a wide range of cloud and technical certification preparation courses that are kept up to date by internal SMEs. Certifications include AWS, GCP, Azure, Microsoft, Alibaba, and Oracle. Visit the Cloud Academy Training Library to learn more.

How frequently do certifications need to be renewed or updated?

Tipically, certifications from the main vendors expire every 1-3 years but your tech team’s expertise should never go stale. For this reason, the Cloud Academy team is committed to keeping the contents and exams always updated.

Can I customize Cloud Academy’s certification courses for my organization?

Yes, you can customize all of Cloud Academy’s courses, including certification prep courses.