It’s 10:00 AM: Do You Know Where Your Team’s Tech Skills Are?

One of the most challenging parts of managing a team in today’s digital world is that technology advances faster than people’s skills can — leaving you guessing if you have the resources to complete projects on time and on budget.

It’s that sinking feeling in your gut of fear and worry about another missed deadline. But what if the project is mission critical? You must find a way to achieve your goals even if you don’t know if you have the talent on your team right now. And you need to use your budget wisely to generate results, fast.

So, you consider your options. Hiring cycles for specialty tech talent are both slow and expensive, and that’s before onboarding even begins. You can start looking for the right people with the right mix of interpersonal and technical expertise, but that timeline is really out of your control — and the clock is ticking.

Taking a step back… could your team execute if they were given the proper tools to upskill quickly?

Putting a stop to the guesswork

The first step in forecasting your skill requirements is to fully understand where your team sits versus where it needs to be to execute against current and future business objectives. This knowledge will give you the confidence to make the right decisions with regard to investing internally or looking for talent on the open market. But where to begin?

Cloud Academy provides the answer to the question, “What are my team’s current tech skills?” with our accurate and objective tech skill assessment tool. Use our out-of-the-box assessments or create a custom version to test and validate on topics including:

Sounds good. What next?

In addition to assessing your team, Cloud Academy for Business helps you recommend and assign the training plans you need to take individuals’ skills to the next level. We are nothing like other e-learning platforms that outsource their content, don’t curate it properly, and leave skills development to the whim of employees’ motivation.

Cloud Academy is a software company built on the premise that an investment in the skills growth of your workforce should have a direct, positive, and measurable effect on operational goals. And that without accountability via regular evaluation, training programs are bound to fail.

With our platform, managers and administrators can set expectations around timelines that promote programmatic upskilling, establishing defined job roles with career progression tracks, and better execution on business objectives — all in a predictable and scalable way — whether you have two employees or tens of thousands. This method of shared accountability promotes team growth, improved retention, and a culture of success.

Our in-house content team consists of tech experts around the globe who continually create new and refresh existing educational assets. This means the learning paths, hands-on labs in live environments, quizzes, exams, and certifications that you assign your team are always up to date. Not to mention, our dedicated customer success team works with you to help you identify the right priorities and the best path forward for getting your squad to where it needs to be.

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