Cloud Academy Referrals: Get $20 for Every Friend Who Subscribes!

We’re excited to announce a new benefit for our personal plan users. Now you can refer your friends to Cloud Academy and get a $20 referral bonus for anyone who subscribes to a personal plan. 

Not only that — your friend gets a $20 bonus, too. And there’s no limit to the number of referral bonuses you or your friends can get. 

You can generate a personal invitation link from within your Cloud Academy dashboard and share it over email, chat, social, even with your cool grandma. 

What can your friends get out of Cloud Academy?

They’ll start by getting $20, and can get more bonus money with their own referrals. And they get all the tangible training benefits that already help you. They get full access to ALL of our content, including ALL labs in real cloud environments, quizzes, exams, mobile access, and certification training.

Speaking of certifications, they’re the best way to quickly help you stand out in a competitive job market. We have more than 40 certification learning paths in our library:

  • 11 of the 12 AWS certifications
  • 14 of the 14 Azure certifications
  • 6 of the 8 GCP certifications
  • 2 of 2 Kubernetes certifications

Where’s the referral sign-up screen?

Just log in to your Cloud Academy account and go your Account Settings > Referral or go here.

Cloud Academy referral page how to

For full details, check out our support center article.

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